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SS2071 Circuit Training & Body Conditioning

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The exercises for this module are divided into 4 sections.
  • Section 1 contains the anaerobic Exercises for circuit training
  • Section 2 contains the Body Conditioning exercises which are sub-divided into 3 sub-sections
    • Floor based exercises
    • Resistance tubing /dynaband exercises
    • Stability ball exercises
  • A sample body conditioning rountine
The aerobic and LME exercises that are used in circuit training and body conditioning are taught in other modules such as exercise to music, step, and resistance training.
Anaerobic Exercises
  • Tuck jump; Squat jump; Power lunge; Star jump; Squat thrusts; Pyramid sprints; Single leg squat thrusts; Rope climb; 5/10m sprints; Quick feet; Bench jumps; Line jumps; Single leg bounding, Double leg bounding
Band Exercises
  • Chest Press; Pec Dec; Shoulder Press; Lateral Raise; Prone Row; Prone Fly; Biceps Curl; Triceps Extension; Upright Row; Seated Pulley Row.
Floor based Exercises
  • Abdominal Curl; Oblique Curl; Back Extension; Single Leg Stretch; Prone Plank; Side Plank; Shoulder Bridge; Press-Up; Hip Extension; Adductor Raise; Abductor Raise;
Stability Ball Exercises
  • Abdominal Curl; Back Extension; Bridge; Press-Up; Wall Squat; Abductor Raise; Shoulder Bridge; Hamstring Curl; Hip Extension; Prone Row; Planks (Feet); Planks (Elbow); Combinations.
Sample Body Conditioning Routine
  • A sample of a body conditioning routine demonstrating, cueing and flow and timing to the beat
Sample Free Movement Warm Up 7 Circuit
  • A sample of the teaching of a  Free Movement Warm Up and a Circuit
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