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SS2031 Exercise & Health Fitness Management
and Work Experience

Blended Learning

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Section A: Duties & Attributes of a HFI, Marketing & Customer Care
  • Lesson 1: Module Overview and assessments, Duties & attributes of a Health Fitness Instructor, Communication skills
  • Lesson 2: Characteristics of a service, Services marketing, 7 'P's of services marketing
  • Lesson 3: Customer care, assessing customer satisfaction, customer retention
  • Lesson 4: Service quality, factors that influence service quality, service recovery and complaint handling
  • Progress Assessment Section A
Section B: Safety and Risk Management
  • Lesson 1: Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005. duties of employers and employees, risk assessments and safety statements
  • Lesson 2: Terminology, benefits of risk management, health hazards, injury definitions
  • Lesson 3: Potential Severity Ratings, Probable Likelihood Ratings, Risk Rating Numbers, Risk Assessment Table
  • Progress Assessment Section B
Section C: Insurance, accident protocols, exercise trends and details on the work placement report
  • Lesson 1: Duty of care, negligence, insurance
  • Lesson 2: Exercise trends, facility software, music rights and IMRO
  • Lesson 3: ACSM Guidelines for fitness facilities including the fitness testing area, the gym floor and the exercise studio
  • Lesson 4: The Work Placement Reprt, sections, guidelines, and marking scheme 
  • Progress Assessment Section C
Work Experience Forms and Resources
  • Evaluation Forms for Shift Attendance and Classes
  • Programme Planning and Fitness Assessments Forms
  • Class Plans for part and full teaching and Final Exam
  • Sample Work Experience  Project Report
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