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SS2061 Resistance Training

Blended Learning

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The exercises for this module are divided into 2 sections.
  • Section 1 contains 10 exercises which will be examined in Continuous Assessment 1.
  • Section 2 contains 11 exercises which will be examined in Continuous Assessment 2.
It very important to remember that in addition to being able to perform the exercise correctly and give all the teaching and safety points that the primary requirement is that you are able to teach the exercise to a client. This involves the demonstration and teaching points that you can learn from these instructional videos. Very importantly you also need to be able to communicate, observe errors and correct your client so that they are able to perform the exercise correctly. This can only be achieved by practicing your teaching with 'clients' on a regular basis.
Section 1 Exercises
  • Dead lift; Bench press; Supine fly; Prone row; Prone fly; Single arm row; Shoulder shrug; Shoulder press; Lateral raise; Bent over lateral raise
Section 2 Exercises
  • Frontal raise; Posterior raise; Upright row; Squat; Forward lunge; Calf raise; Biceps curl; Concentration curl; Preacher extension; Triceps extension; Triceps kickback
Lesson 1: Benefits of resistance training
Lesson 2: Resistance training terminology
Lesson 3: Manual lifting procedures, safety in the weights room, supervision, types of resistance training equipment
Lesson 4: Teaching methodology, machines vs free weights
Progress Assessments
  1. Resistance Training terminology and muscles involved in various exercises
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