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SS2081 Step Training

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This module is divided into 3 sections
  1. Pre-stretching prior to Step training
  2. The Step Movements
  3. Post-exercise stretching following all types of exercise
Pre-stretching with the step
  • Quadriceps; Tibialis Anterior; Hamstrings; Gastronemius; Hip Flexors
The Step Movements
  • Basic Step; Basic Step Combo; V Step; Turn Step; Over the Top; Knee raise; Travel Step with hip extension; Travel Step with Leg Curl; Travel Step with leg Abduction;L Step; T Step; Repeater Step with knee raise; Repeater step with mixed levers; Cueing
Post-stretching following all types of exercise
  • Quadriceps; Hip Flexors; Gastrocnemius; Hamstrings; Erector spinae; Abductors; Adductors; Chest; Triceps; Upper back; Shoulders
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