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Tutor Support

On-line teaching, learning & assessment


SULIS  for tutors and coordinators


Lesson 1: An Overview: The main features and functions of Sulis and how to access your module(s) on Sulis

Lesson 2: Signing in to your module, editing the content on the module overview page

Lesson 3: The main tools in Sulis, their location and uses

Lesson 4: Viewing the participants of your module, adding more participants, both tutors and students and deleting participants

Lesson 5: Change the layout of the module overview page, adding a Welcome message, logo, photo and general aim and ky concepts of the module

Lesson 6: Add an overall 'Lessons' page to your module, add & adjust the layout and structure of individual lesson pages and add content and resources to them

Lesson 7: Using the Announcements Tool

Lesson 8: Using the Forums Tool

Lesson 9: Using the Calendar Tool

Lesson 10: Using the Tests and Quizzing tool

Lesson 11: Using the Meetings Tool.  Use this tool to schedule on-live 'live' classes with students and to record pre-recorded lessons for them

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