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Year 4 BSc in Exercise & Health Fitness

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MG4067 Management

Lesson 1:  Module outline, assessments, definitions and functions and layers of management

Lesson 2: Theories of management, various approaches, key figures in management theory

Lesson 3: The business environment, political legal, technology, SWOT Analysis

Lesson 4: Planning, definitions, planning types

Lesson 5: Strategic planning, Tactical planning, operational planning, dimensions and hierarchy of plans

Lesson 6: Corporate Planning Process, strategy, tactics, implementation and contingency planning

Lesson 7: Decision making, managerial decisions, risk and uncertainty

Lesson 8: Stages of decision making, problem identification, identification of alternatives, evaluation of alternatives

Lesson 9: Decision making, conflict, approaches, concept of rationality, rational model

Lesson 10: Staffing Part 1: Main activity areas, manpower planning, demand analysis, supply analysis

Lesson 11: Staffing Part 2: Pay and benefits, reward satisfaction, payment systems, performance appraisal

Lesson 12: Staffing Part 3

Lesson 13: Leadership

Lesson 14: Leadership approaches

Lesson 15: Leadership trends

Lesson 16: Organising span of control

Lesson 17: Part 2 Organising hierarchy

Lesson 18: Motivation

Lesson 19: Content theories

Lesson 20: Process theories

Lesson 21: Job satisfaction

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