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Topic 1: Introducing HRM            Part 1                       

Topic 2: Introducing HRM            Part 2                      

Module PM4088

Human Resource Management in Exercise and Health Fitness

Lecturer: Professor Christine Cross
Office: KB3-17 (Kemmy Business School)
Phone: 061-202245
This module examines both the role of the HR function in the management of people
at work in the health and fitness industry and the importance of managing people in
contributing to organisational effectiveness. This module is designed to provide
students with an appreciation and understanding of Human Resource Management
(HRM) in organisations.
Course Outline 2021        Download
Module Assessment 1     Download
Module Assessment 2     Download

Topic 3: Employee Resourcing:   Human Resource Planning

Slides are available for note taking in .pdf format under the 'Resources' tab on the top right of the presentation player for each topic

Topic 4: Employee Resourcing:   The Recruitment Phase

Topic 5: Employee Resourcing:    The Selection Phase

Topic 6: Managing and Appraising Performance

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