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Year 4 BSc in Exercise & Health Fitness

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MK 4028 Public Relations & Marketing

Lesson 1:  Introduction to PR & Marketing lesson 1: Marketing 101, Definitions, marketing strategy tools

Lesson 2: Introduction to Marketing lesson 2: The 4 'P's, Porters 5 forces, Brand or perceptual mapping, customer lifetime value, segmentation

Lesson 3: Introduction to Marketing lesson 3: Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

Lesson 4: Introduction to Marketing lesson 4: Brand positioning, salience, performance and imagery dimensions, Brand response and resonance

Lesson 5: Introduction to Marketing lesson 5: Branding, Power of branding, features & attributes of a good brand, brand identity prism

Lesson 6: The Marketing Plan, competitive analysis, customer analysis, market segmentation, SWOT analysis, marketing communication programme

Assignment 1: Full details of Assignment 1, description, requirements and  submission date

Lesson 7: Introduction to services marketing, characteristics of services, types of services, The Services Marketing Triangle

Lesson 8: The 7 Ps, customer needs and expectations, customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction, consumer evaluation

Lesson 9: Customer expectations, The Zone of Tolerance, factors that affect desired service, word of mouth

Lesson 10: Sports Marketing. How companies use sports to enhance brands, the value of media, the traditional 4 P's within sports marketing

Lesson 11: Sports Marketing. Sports sponsorship, increasing brand awareness, enhancing brand image, increasing brand distinctiveness

Lesson 12: Event marketing and sponsorship

Lesson 13: Inbound marketing

Lesson 14: The fundamentals to inbound marketing

Lesson 15: Content marketing

Lesson 16: Understanding conversion strategy

Lesson 17: Blogging

Assignment 2: Full details of Assignment 2, description, requirements and  submission date

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