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Year 4 BSc in Exercise & Health Fitness

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SS4057 Information Technology & Multimedia

Module Outline and Assessments: Details of the overall module content, description of assessments and weightings, assessment submission dates etc

Lesson 1:  Web terminology factors to consider when planning a website. domains and hosting packages

Lesson 2: Minimum content required on a small business website and the characteristics of your target audience

Lesson 3: Graphics gathering, page titles, meta-descriptions and keywords

Lesson 4: Website layout and the use of colours

Lesson 1 Wix: Starting with a blank page, familiarisation with page structure, the ribbon and controls, inserting new pages and sub-pages, previewing and publishing

Lesson 2 Wix: Page and background colours and design

Lesson 3 Wix: Adding text, headings and paragraphs

Lesson 4-8 Wix: A document containing a series of tutorials of everything we covered in the classroom on 13th October

Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Lesson 1: Describing DTP, it's uses, terminology used in DTP and differences between DTP and Word Processing

Lesson 2: An overview of design and layout in DTP

Lesson 3: Converting skimmers into readers part 1

Lesson 4: Converting skimmers into readers Part 2

Lesson 5: Using images and colour

Lesson 6: Designing the newsletter

Lesson 1: Introduction to Publisher

Lesson 2: Finding your way around Publisher

Lesson 3: Working with templates

Lesson 4: Getting started with a blank template, using master pages, page size and set up, layout guides, columns and rows, ruler guides colour schemes

Lesson 5:  Working with objects, shapes etc

Lesson 6: Inserting images

Lesson 7: Working with images

Lesson 8: Inserting Calendars and other useful items

Lesson 9: Working with text and text boxes

Lesson 10: Formatting paragraphs in text boxes

Lesson 11: Correcting text and design errors

Lesson 12: Creating a catalogue

Lesson 13: Creating, using and formatting tables

Using MS Publisher 2016

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