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College Students in Classroom


       Year 3 Tutor Education

SS3043 Information Technology & Multimedia

Introduction:  Module Outline and Assessments

Lesson 1: An overview of multimedia in teaching and learning part 1.

Lesson 2: An overview of multimedia in teaching and learning part 2

Lesson 4: Using PowerPoint 1: Inserting slides, changing slide layout, applying Ddesign themes, customising design changing slide size

Lesson 5:  Using PowerPoint 2: Using the slide designer, insert pictures from your PC and the web, using shapes and SmartArt

Lesson 6: Using PowerPoint 3: Inserting videos into your slides

Lesson 7: Using PowerPoint 4: Animating text and objects

Lesson 8: Recording a presentation in PowerPoint

Lesson 9: Recording and inserting a Screen Recording in PowerPoint

Lesson 10: Installing and using the 4K video downloader to download videos for to your presentations and  teaching

Lesson 11: Installing and using Poll Everywhere to create interaction in the classroom

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