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College Students in Classroom


       Year 3 Tutor Education

SS3003 Adult Learning & Teaching Methodologies

Lesson 1:  What is learning? Types of learner

Lesson 2: Spectrum of learning theories, behaviorism

Lesson 3: Cognitivism

Lesson 4: Traditional lectures, attention, critical learning goals of interactive lectures, challenges of presenting information

Lesson 5: Questioning Skills

Lesson 6: Questioning Techniques

Lesson 7: Andragogy, pedagogy vs andragogy, characteristics of adult learners

Lesson 8: Theory of multiple intelligences

Lesson 9: Constructivism, experiential learning

Lesson 10: Preparing and planning an interactive lecture

Lesson 11: Part 2 Preparing and planning an interactive lecture

Lesson 12: Psychomotor Learning

Lesson 13: Teaching Practical Modules

Lesson 14: Continuous Assessment Details

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