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Final Year Project (FYP)


Assessments in this year will generally be given to you by tour individual module tutors and they will provide you with the requirements and weightings for each assessment. 

The Final Year Project for Year 3 involves compilation of a report based on published research into an area related to exercise/fitness/health/sport/leisure or similar domain. A proposal for approval must be submitted and approved prior to project commencement.

  • Full details and layout for your FYP 


Final Year Sample Projects (FYP)

Some sample projects and proposals from students in previous years which will give you an idea of the structure, layout and standard required.

  • The Effects of Exercise on Breast Cancer Post Diagnosis (Siobhán Fagan)

    • Proposal​

  • The Environmental, Social, and Psychological Causes and Implications of Childhood Obesity  (Laura Ivers)

    • Proposal​

  • A review of the role of Resistance Training in current Long-Term Athletic Development Models (John Sheils)

    • Proposal​

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