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Aim & Learning Outcomes


To familiarise you with the role of health related activity in the promotion of positive health and well-being

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this section, you will be able to:

  1. Identify the basic guidelines for healthy exercise

  2. Design an appropriate activity session for participants

  3. Design a Fit for Life Activity Contract

  4. Plan and prepare an informative and interesting 1 hour presentation on Active Living for the general public using:

    • Appropriate learning outcomes

    • A selection of suitable presentation methods

    • A suitable selection of supporting resources and materials

Lesson 1: Definitions of Active Living, Physical Activity, Aerobic Exercise, Active Living Benefits
Lesson 2: Exercise Intensity, Overload Principle, Types of Exercise and Benefits, Safety Factors
Lesson Assessment : Take a quick quiz to assess your
knowledge in this section before moving on
  1. Printable Study notes
  2. Sample Lesson Plan for your presentation
  3. Understanding your health mini-plan for participants
  4. PowerPoint slides for your presentation to participants
  5. Active Living Handout for participants
  6. Active Living Quiz handout for Participants

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