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       Year 3 Advanced Practitioner

College Students in Classroom


SS3013 Research Skills

What is Research?

Lesson 1: Aims, objectives, assessment

Lesson 2: Characteristics of good research, stages of research

Lesson 3: Quantitative research

Lesson 4: Qualitative research

Lesson 5: Types of research

Lesson 1: Stages of the research process, dependent and independent variables, defining key elements

Lesson 2: Sampling methods - random, systematic, stratified sampling

Lesson 3: Stages of the research process

The Research Process
Literature Review

Lesson 1: What is a literature review? Why write a literature review? What skills are needed?

Lesson 2: Discerning between 'good' and 'bad', reading academic texts, what is an abstract?

Lesson 3: Writing your literature review

Lesson 4: Planning the content, sub-divisions

Lesson 5: Writing style, referencing

Citing and Referencing

Lesson 1: Citing and referencing

Questionnaire Design

Lesson 1: Surveys, steps in designing a questionnaire, defining the research aims, identify the subjects

Lesson 2: Questionnaire design, determining the question to be asked, question type and wording

Lesson 3: Question wording, overall considerations

Lesson 4: Pilot or validate the questionnaire, Four-Phase validation method, selecting a panel of reviewers

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