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Year 3 Advanced Practitioner

College Students in Classroom



  • Course Outline and Modules
  • COVID 19 Guidance and requirements
  • Familiarise yourself and follow all HSE Recommendations
  • University of Limerick recommendations and advice
  • How to wash your hands
  • Simple Precautions when on campus to keep you and everyone safe

Academic Writing

Lesson 1:  Writing an effective Abstract

Lesson 2: Writing an effective Introduction

Lesson 3: Writing an effective Conclusion

Lesson 4: Developing and sustaining the argument

Lesson 5: Applying academic writing styles

Lesson 6: Avoiding common mistakes in grammar and punctuation

Lesson 7: Effectively engaging in the writing process /Writing Tips

Library Familiarisation

Lesson 1:  Formulating effective Search Strategies

Lesson 2: Using the Scopus database

Lesson 3: Using the Web of Science database

Lesson 4: Using the Eric (EBSCO) database and Google Scholar and keeping
                    up-to-date with the latest research in your field



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