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Personal Training

College Students in Classroom




Advanced Resistance Training

Lesson 1: Introduction, exercise analysis, advanced resistance training exercises

Lesson 2: Health related components of fitness, power, factors that affect power, Olympic lifts

Lesson 3: Plyometrics

Lesson 4: Programming considerations, acute program variables, general guidelines for strength training

Lesson 5: Definitions of methods



Exercise Psychology

Lesson 1: Exercise psychology, foundations of exercise psychology, defining physical activity and exercise

Lesson 2: Taking up and dropping out of exercise, survey of lifestyle attitude and nutrition

Lesson 3: Psychological benefits of exercise, motivation

Lesson 4: Transtheoretical Model, Stages of Change, strategies for enhancing exercise adherence

Lesson 5: Goal setting, outcome versus process oriented goals, ethical considerations

Lesson 6: Applying the science of motivation, using the APPEARANCE Motivator, feedback on progress



Special Populations

Lesson 1: Pregnancy

Lesson 2: Older adults

Lesson 3: Osteoporosis

Lesson 4: Diabetes

Lesson 5: Back Care

Lesson 6: Cardiovascular Disease

Lesson 7: Cancer

Lesson 8: Obesity


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