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Pilates & Corrective Exercise Assessments


Pilates and Corrective Exercise consists of a suite of 5 modules. Each of these modules has it's own assessment(s) and all assessments must be successfully completed in order to​ receive the Award of Pilates and corrective exercise Specialist.

Summary of Assessments 

Module SS3131 (3 ECTS): Introduction to Pilates and Corrective Exercise

  • Assessment: Online Assessment and Video Demonstration of personal ability

  • Assessment Details

  • Marking Sheet used by Examiner

  • Sample On-Line assessment Module SS3131   

Module SS3141 (6 ECTS): Anatomical & Physiological Aspects of Pilates Corrective Exercise             

  • Assessment: Online MCQ type assessment

  • Assessment Details

  • Sample On-line Assessment Module SS3141

Module SS3151 (6 ECTS): Methodology and Application of Pilates & Corrective Exercise 

  • Assessment: Submission of a Case study

  • Assessment Details:

Module SS3161 (6 ECTS): Programme Development in Pilates and Corrective Exercise 1 

  • Assessment: Video of Instructional skills in Warm up and Beginner exercises plus evaluation

  • Assessment Details

  • Marking Sheet Used by Examiner 

Module SS3171 (9 ECTS): Programme Development in Pilates and Corrective Exercise 2

  • Assessment: Video of your Instructional skills in an intermediate  Pilates class and in the instruction of  Pilates Stability Ball exercises plus a self-evaluation

  • Assessment Details: 

  • Marking Sheet used by Examiners

Sample Assessments

This section contains some sample assessment submissions from students in previous years and will give you an idea of what is expected in your submissions. There are also some 'sample' on-line assessments to provide you with an insight into the content, structure and layout of the on-line assessment.
Please be aware that copying /plagiarism of any parts of another person's work particularly in the Case Study will result in an immediate Fail grade and possible disciplinary action from the University of Limerick.

Sample Assessment Videos during
COVID 19 Government Restrictions   

Sample Assessments when not under COVID Restrictions

Module SS3131   

  • Sample On-line Assessment

  • Sample  Video Demonstration

Module SS3141

  • Sample On-Line Assessment

Module SS3151

  • Sample Case Study

Module SS3161

  • Sample Video

Module SS3171

  • Sample Video


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