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Strength & Conditioning Assessments


Strength and Conditioning contains two modules each of which have their assessments. All assessments must be successfully completed to pass.

Module SS3111

Assessment for this module involves the following:

  1. An on-line MCQ assessment consisting of 25 questions in 20 minutes

Weighting 25%

2. Submission of a Case Study Report

Weighting 75%

Detailed Assessment Description and Submission  Requirements

Module SS3121












There are two sections to your Module SS3121
A. Teaching and demonstration section which is recorded onto video and submitted.
B. Evaluation, Observation and Correction.

Full details in the 'Detailed Assessment Description and Submission document

Sample Student Submissions

Below are some Sample Student Submissions from previous years to give you an idea of the layout and standard expected. Do not copy any elements or you may be guilty of plagiarism which is treated very seriously within the university

Sample SS3121 Virtual Video when operating
under Government COVID Restrictions

Sample Assesssments

Sample MCQ Module SS3111


Sample Case Study SS3111


Sample SS3121 Video working with a team/group of athletes


Sample SS3121 Video Evaluation

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