Summative Assessments

The assessments below have been modified to take in consideration COVID 19 Restrictions

Active Ageing

College Students in Classroom



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1. On-line Theory  

Section A : 20 questions, 20 minutes duration   MCQ type questions 10%

Section B:   Mini Case Studies x 2, 40 minutes duration(2 x 15%)            30%                                                                                                          


2. Submission of 2 x Videos - 2 Sessions Duration 30 minutes each                                                                                                               Weighting (2 x 30%) 60%


 Session 1: Independent Healthy Older Adults (sitting to standing).

 Session 2: Mixed Ability Chair-users Group (seated only).


Participants: A minimum of 2 participants is required in each class. These should be healthy adults between 40 and 60 yrs of age and need not be older adults. COVID 19 restrictions on 2m spacing should apply and it is envisaged that family members and close contacts only should be used.
The class may be located at home, in the garden or at another safe venue


  • 5 minutes icebreakers/socialisers

  • 5 minutes warm-up

  • 15 minutes main activity (CV + LME)

  • 5 minutes warm down and stretch


Assessment Description in Detail


Grading Criteria for Practical Assessments

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