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Personal Training

College Students in Classroom




Client Screening & Fitness Assessment

Lesson 1: The hip girdle

Lesson 2: The shoulder girdle

Lesson 3: The neck and spine

Lesson 4: The knee

Lesson 5: The elbow and ankle

Lesson 6: Heart disease

Lesson 7: Blood Pressure and Stroke

Lesson 8: Arthritis and Osteoporosis

Lesson 9: Obesity

Lesson 10: Diabetes

Lesson 11: Asthma

Lesson 12: Pregnancy

Client Screening: Stages of screening, forms, initial meeting, physical measurements

Fitness Assessment: Evaluating fitness tests, validity, test measures, fitness test development 


Anatomy & Physiology
Library Familiarisation

Lesson 1:  Formulating effective Search Strategies

Lesson 2: Using the Scopus database

Lesson 3: Using the Web of Science database

Lesson 4: Using the Eric (EBSCO) database and Google Scholar and keeping
                    up-to-date with the latest research in your field



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