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To ensure that each participant has a sound knowledge and is aware of correct implementation of a sound Code of Ethics and Good Practice when teaching health related activity to children.

Material covered in the Workshop includes:


Principles: Importance of Childhood, Needs of the Child, Integrity in Relationships, Fair Play, Quality Atmosphere & Ethos, Competition, Equality, Legislative Basis


People: Adults Involvement in Sport, Adult-Child Relationships in Sport, Child to Child, Relationships in Sport, Responsibilites of Parents/Guardians, The Important Role of Sports Leaders, Governing Bodies in Sport, Sports Clubs, Childrens Officer, Role of Sports Councils


Policy and Procedures: Constitution, Structure, Regulations, Disciplinary, Complaints & Appeals Procedures, Recruitment of Sports Leaders, Education & Training


Practice: Guidelines for Sports Leader, Physical Contact, Supervision & General Guidelines including transport, overnight and away trips, Insurance Cover, Discipline, Use of Photogenic and Mobile Equipment.


Protection: Areas of Risk for Children in Sport, Substance Abuse, Psychological Stress, Bullying, Child Abuse, Harm, Categories of Abuse, Signs of Abuse, Grounds for Concern, Recognising & Responding to Suspected or Actual Child Abuse, Peer Abuse, Confidentiality, Rumours, Dealing with Anonymous Complaints.

Aim & Learning Outcomes

This workshop is taught by the Irish Sports Council in conjunction with local Sports partnerships and is a pre-requisite for registration for this module

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