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SS3001 Summative Assessments


There are two assessments at the end of the Advanced Personal Training Specialist Module.

  1. A classroom based written assessment involving questions from the PT manual and from a one to one video interview between a PT and a client                                                                                                             Weighting 50%

  2. Submission of a Case Study Report complete with a number of short videos of you working with a client. (Details below)                     
    Weighting 50%


Assessments Outline from Grace Germaine Course Leader

  1. Guidelines for the Written Assessment

  1. Guidelines for the Case Study Assessment




Classroom Based Written Assessment

Assessment Details


Sample On-Line Written Assessment Part 1

Sample On-Line Written Assessment Part 2


Below are some papers containing some more sample questions of the type that will appear in Part 1 of the On-Line assessment above

  • Paper 1

  • Paper 2

  • Paper 3


Case Study Project

Assessment Details

Student Submissions

This section contains some sample assessment submissions from students in previous years and will give you an idea of what is expected in your submission

Case Study Project 1

Case Study Project 2


  • Posture Assessment Video

  • Muscle Length Analysis Video

  • Core Exercise Video

  • PNF Stretch Video

Submission Details

Case study Project & Videos

Video Editing and submission tutorial